Things to know before moving to NYC

The truth about New York City

New York City is known as the city that never sleeps and that’s 100% true. I’ve been living in NYC for about six years now and I have a love-hate relationship with this place.

I hate MTA. The trains and buses are never on time and price for one ride is just ridiculous and be prepared to be in competition with those hamster looking rats. But the city is full of opportunities and you can meet some of the most important, amazing people on the train.

A couple years ago, I met a music executive on the train on my way to school and we just started talking about one of the “Showtime” performers. I’ve also met a few movie stars and musicians here in the city. If you really want to move to New York City, go ahead. This post is not to discourage you. This post is to give you an idea of what to expect and the truth about living here.


I think you guys might know by now that New York City is expensive. Rent here is ridiculous and some apartments are like the size of a Sardine can. If you’re planning on moving here soon, you should definitely get a roommate (unless you’re rich). Also, I would recommend living outside of Manhattan, because rent would be cheaper and there are some really nice neighborhoods with bigger apartments. 

The Subway is…

No lie, the subway can be the worst place to be in NYC sometimes. Trains are almost never on time and the stations are infested with hamster size rats. I would recommend leaving at least an hour early if you have to be somewhere on time. The best part is that trains and buses run 24hrs (I think in all major city), and the train is convenient, because parking here is another story. 

You will never be hungry

What is mean is that there will always be a deli/bodega open at all hours of the night. I think every neighborhood has at least two bodegas, sometimes on every block. You can get a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich any hour of the day (typical NYer breakfast sandwich). A banging sandwich is not expensive at all in one of these bodegas.

Google Maps should be your best friend

 I’ve probably asked someone for direction about two or three times. Every direction and place I know, I learned it from Maps on iPhone or Google Maps. NYC is a fast-paced place, so asking someone for direction is something I don’t like doing. I mean some people don’t want to be bothered or they’re in a rush, so I use Maps religiously.

There’s opportunities everywhere

There are opportunities everywhere in NYC, you just have to work hard. You can be a model, work for one of the many top companies that have their headquarters here (which is my dream), be on Broadway. The opportunities here are endless, you just have to be dedicated and give it your everything, but also be prepared for setbacks, because there is competition.

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